Hello Everyone

I have decided to take my store in a new direction and part of this will be adding a consignment section to my store. As of August 1, Crafty Papers will be accepting craft items on a consignment basis. As a business owner of a paper crafting business I meet alot of very talented people , who don't always have the avenue to sell their crafts. Most of these crafts can be pieces of art. They are all custom designed and in todays market alot of people appreciate and are looking more & more to purchasing these types of quality products.
Items that our store would be considering are any items that would relate to this business. I couldn't go over all the items here but consignment of packaging of cards, page kits, home decor related items, jewellry, etc. The holidays are coming soon and alot of people will be looking for gift items.
Any items that Crafty Papers would consider would have to be very professional and also packaged properly. This is not a garage sale. If you are interested in having your craft items considered to be sold on consignment at Crafty Papers please contact Brenda for further information at 602-633-1454 or email me at info@craftypapers.com/


Manders said...

I LOVE that idea! I want to come check out your store!!

Crafty Papers said...

Thankyou. come by and visit with us soon.