CRAFTY PAPERS  is going to have a FALL CONTEST.  In the SPIRIT  of the FALL  SEASON coming up we want everyone to get their creative hats on and come up with a craft project that best relates to what fall means to you. Fall is  a great time of year  to create. The colors are beautiful. Lots of great opportunities for decorating , etc.   The Grand Prize will be a $ 50.00 GIFT CERTIFICATE   from CRAFTY PAPERS to use in the store.

1. Most of the products used for the contest have to be purchased from Crafty Papers.
2. It could be any project you choose. I love creative ideas so we will leave it up to you to choose. Remember, the theme is about what fall means to you. Things you like to make in the fall.
3. Contest starts right away and  ends on  Saturday October 17. That gives you 3 weeks to come up with some great ideas.
4. Teachers from Crafty Papers will be the judges of the contest.
5.  The Winners project will be displayed at Crafty Papers Retail Store and  also on the Blog for all the world to see.   You might become FAMOUS!!!!

 If you do need any more information  about the contest please contact Crafty Papers at 602-633-1454 or info@craftypapers.com

Good luck to all and have fun.

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